Discourse AI plugin support

On the 3.1.0 beta release we support the Discourse AI plugin as an optional plugin on the Professional plan and up. The Discourse AI plugin utilizes a variety of open source models which are incorporated into our hosting services at no additional charge. To utilize OpenAI or Anthropic, you will need to provide your own […]

Adding custom plugins

If you’re on the Business or Enterprise plan then you will be able to add your own custom plugins. This article describes how to do this. Upload your plugin to Github You need to upload your plugin to a github.com repository. We currently do not support any other source control systems or hubs. You have […]

Managed Migration

If you are not technically savvy, are currently hosted on another managed hosting provider, or if you don’t want to get absorbed with all the technical details, we can migrate your Discourse instance to our hosting with minimal effort for you using our “managed migration” process. Our process looks like this: Reach out to us […]

Subfolder Support

On the Business and Enterprise plans we support a so-called subfolder setup. Instead of running on its own hostname, Discourse will appear in a subdirectory of another host, for instance /forum or /community. This makes the experience much more seamless, especially when you style your Discourse instance to closely match the look and feel of […]

Server Access

If you want us to migrate your forum to our hosting, we might need access to your server. Below is some code you need to paste into a root shell on your server. It creates a user called ‘communiteq’ which can be accessed by us using our encrypted private key. After pasting the code, please […]

Using Cloudflare

There are some special things you need to pay attention to when using Cloudflare with our Discourse hosting. In general, just use the most default setup. Don’t use any advanced caching rules and stuff like that. If you must, because you have other websites in your domain that require this, then just make sure your […]

Using CNAMEs

Introduction The way Communiteq’s Discourse hosting works is as follows. You choose a name for your forum and we use it for creating a hostname in our own domain, e.g. yourname.discoursehosting.net. Of course, 95% of our customers are not satisfied with that. You will probably want your forum to be available as forum.yourdomain.com, community.yourdomain.com or […]

Migrate from another provider

Migrating from another provider to Communiteq’s Discourse hosting is pretty easy, but there are some caveats. That is why we made this guide. Follow all the steps carefully and everything will be ok in no time! 1. See if this guide will work for you If you feel uncomfortable with making technical changes, if you […]

Your Discourse forum and the GDPR

Making your Discourse forum comply with the GDPR is not hard, but it can be a bit overwhelming. This article provides an explanation about the GDPR and a list of things you need to do.

Integrating Teachable with Discourse

The integration consists of two steps; automatically inviting new Teachable registrants to join your Discourse forum (no additional forms to fill out);and an optional step to automatically add discussion topics to Discourse. See more details below. Automatically inviting new users to the forum We are going to set up a webhook so new users in […]

DNS settings for your E-mail

This article explains how to set up your SPF record so the email sent by your forum will end up in the inboxes of your users instead of being marked as spam.