Import of a Forum Running on Other Software

Communiteq can also perform an import of your forum that’s running on different software. Next to the most common platforms like phpBB, Vbulletin, SMF (Simple Machines Forum), bbPress, IPB, Vanilla and NodeBB we will also write custom import scripts for other forum platforms, including bespoke and homebrew.

We are also the developers of the Discourse MigratePassword plugin which allows for migrating the password hashes so your users won’t even have to choose a new password!

Our migrations include categories, topics, posts, users, uploads, avatars and private messages. We will also create permalinks for topics so your SEO won’t suffer too much.

How much does it cost?

In order to give you a good quote and time frame for the migration we need the following information:

  • the URL of your forum
  • the amount of users and posts
  • version and brand of forum software (e.g. vBulletin, phpBB, bbPress)
  • whether there is anything that needs special attention (e.g. large attachments, special characters)

Our process

Our process is as follows:

  • you provide us with a copy of the database and an archive file of the attachments (when applicable), or we make one for you if you give us access to your server
  • we create a test import in our development environment (this will take one or two weeks)
  • you can take a look at it and see if everything is ok
  • we adjust things that aren’t perfect and iterate until you’re happy
  • we pick a date and time together for the final migration
  • you order a Communiteq forum so there is an empty forum to import to
  • the current forum is put in read only mode and you send us the most recent copy of the database
  • we run the final migration
  • the migrated forum is put online

Do you want to know more? Contact us!