About Us

Communiteq was founded by Richard and Michael, two fourty-ish computer engineers based in the Netherlands. We both have 20+ years of experience in high-end application hosting and application development in various markets.

Michael Michael’s expertise is in system management, networking and automated deployments.  Michael is in charge of our infrastructure. Richard Richard is responsible for the Communiteq control panel and plugin/theme development and integrations.

We started out as DiscourseHosting in 2013. Over the years we did not just become a successful managed hosting provider, but also gained a lot of expertise in developing themes and plugins and integrating Discourse with other platforms. In the beginning of 2021 we decided to change our name to Communiteq because it better reflects our current portfolio of services, all centered around community-related technology.

We think Discourse is a game-changer in the online forum (or message board / bulletin board) landscape, but it needs an extensive ecosystem to become really successful. Our goal is to make Discourse available to anyone wishing to set up an online forum, without the need for technical knowledge – just like WordPress.com allows anyone to start a blog.

Next to our hosting offering we are specialized in integrations and plugin development for Discourse, WordPress and everything around that, aimed at SMBs, mid-market companies and enterprises worldwide.

The Company

Our company is based near Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Europe. Our hosting is in ISO-27001 certified data centers in New York, Washington DC and Frankfurt, and for the business plan in Amsterdam and Singapore as well (upon request).

Dutch Business Registration #81967314 – VAT ID NL86.2287.145.B01 – Tel +31 6 17217324