DNS settings for your E-mail

Once you’ve added your own domain, you should also add the appropriate records to your domain’s DNS settings in order to avoid mail getting in the spam folder of your users.

In order to make sure that the mails for your forum do not end up in spam filters, you’ll need to do a few things:

Get your own domain

Make sure you use your own domain for the notification email setting in your forum.

Make sure the SPF record is set up correctly

To add the SPF record for your sending domain, you’ll need to add a DNS record of type ‘TXT’ through your hosting provider, domain registrar, or DNS provider. We recommend referring to your provider’s help documentation for specific information on adding TXT records.

If you don’t have an SPF record yet, you’ll need to add one for your domain. At a minimum, the value should be the following if you’re only sending mail through us for that domain:

v=spf1 include:_spf.communiteq.com ?all

If you already have a TXT record with SPF information, you’ll need to add our servers to that record by adding include:_spf.communiteq.com in the record (before the last operator, which is usually ?all, ~all, or -all).