DiscourseHosting is now Communiteq

In 2013, we founded a company dedicated exclusively to hosting Discourse forums. We called it DiscourseHosting.

In the past 7.5 years we have significantly expanded our range of services. Next to hosting, we offer  various professional services around Discourse like plugin and theme development, migrations and integrations. Other platforms in the community field like WordPress hosting and plugin development also benefit from our expertise, and we also offer services around systems like Jitsi, BigBlueButton, HumHub and Mattermost.

Our passion is and always has been empowering you to bring people together, which is more relevant than ever. To properly reflect this mission and the technical services and expertise we bring to this field, we need a new name. In 2021 we are changing our name to Communiteq.

We’re the same people, we offer the  same great customer service and affordable pricing, but with a new name. Of course, hosting Discourse forums will always be an important part of our business – because we believe in smart and user-centric solutions to run communities.