Additional Services

Next to hosting Discourse, we can provide the following additional services for you:

  • Migration to our infrastructure of a Discourse forum that is hosted elsewhere
  • Plugin and theme development
  • Integration of Discourse with your website or WordPress install
  • Importing an existing phpBB / vBulletin / bbPress / IPBoard / SMF / Vanilla / XenForo / Q2A / Drupal or other forum to Discourse
  • Private Cloud Discourse setup, installation, consulting and management

Migrate to our infrastructure

We can migrate your forum to our infrastructure. Of course you can do this yourself (instructions are here) but many customers prefer that we take care of the entire process.

If you want us to move your forum to our infrastructure, we need the following:

  • access to your forum (a user with admin privileges) OR access to your server
  • access to your DNS control panel.

Plugin and Theme development

We can develop plugins and themes for your forum. We have authored some of the most used and loved Discourse plugins, like discourse-adsense, discourse-migratepassword and discourse-sitemap. Those are all open source but we will make any kind of bespoke plugin per your request.

You can also hire us to style your forum – we’ll develop theme components that give your forum the look and feel that makes it stand out!

WordPress / Website Integration

Integrating WordPress goes further than just installing and configuring the WP-Discourse plugin (although that is something we can do for you). We can also set up complex authentication providers like Memberful or Memberpress.

We can also develop custom SSO solutions and other integrations for your website in (for instance) Ruby on Rails, PHP or Python.

Importing / converting an existing forum


Private Cloud Setup / Consulting / Management